Opening on August 2, 2013 in the United States and Canada is the new Warner Bros. Pictures film with director Noam Murro at the helm. The film has been eagerly anticipated and the trailer is now online.

The film stars Sullivan Stapleton as Themistokles and Eva Green (“Dark Shadows,” “Casino Royale”) as Artemesia. Lena Headey reprises her starring role from “300” as the Spartan Queen, Gorgo; Hans Matheson stars as Aeskylos; and Rodrigo Santoro stars as Xerxes.


After its victory over Leonidas’ 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches south towards the major Greek city-states. The Democratic city of Athens, first on the path of Xerxes’ army, bases its strength on its fleet, led by admiral Themistocles. Themistocles is forced to an unwilling alliance with the traditional rival of Athens, oligarchic Sparta whose might lies with its superior infantry troops. But Xerxes still reigns supreme in numbers over sea and land.