On May 14th Marianas Trench released their American debut EP with Cherrytree Records, Face the Music: The EP.  The quartet has had huge success in Canada over the last seven years since the release of their first album Fix Me.  Now that they are capable of selling out arenas that hold 17, 000 people and performing the halftime show at the Grey Cup in Canada, Marianas Trench is ready to begin establishing themselves in the United States.




Despite the EP containing only four tracks, it is a powerful introduction to Marianas Trench.  The CD opens with Desperate Measures and Haven’t Had Enough, respectively.  These are two of their catchiest and most fast-paced songs in their discography, as well as being fan favourites.  The other two tracks are treats for both American and Canadian fans who happen to get their hands on the album.  The EP ends with acoustic versions of Haven’t Had Enough and Fallout, which showcases the band’s talent more than the studio versions.  The acoustic version of Haven’t Had Enough sounds remarkable.  Matt Webb (guitarist) joins in to sing some of the lines himself.  I honestly prefer his voice to lead singer Josh Ramsay’s (though not by much).  Then the acoustic version of Fallout, which ends the EP, I enjoy more than the studio version of Fallout (Ever After).  The album represents the band well by showing their talent with and without studio songs.




Another stride towards their American dream includes their first headlining American tour (immediately following their first headlining Canadian tour.)  I saw them play in Boston on June 10th, and although it wasn’t as fabulous as the well-established Canadian counterpart, the talent shone through.  The setlist was — surprisingly — just as long as the Canadian setlist, and even included the video interludes.  However, the concert wasn’t perfect this time around.  The amp volume wasn’t adjusted from 17, 000-seat arena volume to  1000-standing-room-only venue volume, and seriously hurt Film Social writer Seth Morgan Romero’s ears for some days after.  It was the loudest concert I have ever been to, and not in a good way.  The audio and video were pretty shoddy.  The audio was in and out and sometimes I couldn’t tell if Ramsay was still singing.  The video quality was quite terrible on the piddly little screen they had, but I was still pleased that they kept the video for the American tour at all.  Considering their budget for the US shows is pretty small compared to their budgets in Canada, they put on a great show.  The talent made the show amazing, but unfortunately the loudness and choppy audio distracted from enjoying the show fully.  This is just the start, and with their talent, I’m positive they will be out of small venues and performing more quality shows in no time.

CD: Buy it.  4 out of 4.
Concert: See them.  3 out of 4. – Film-social.com


Opening video interlude
Ever After
All to Myself
Shake Tramp
Toy Soldiers
By Now
Desperate Measures
Princess Porcelain video interlude
Truth or Dare
Beside You
Celebrity Status
Haven’t Had Enough
Cross My Heart
Battle sequence video interlude
So Soon (Josh Ramsay solo)
Face the Music video interlude
No Place Like Home


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  • Brittany

    I saw them in Nashville, and the only audio problem was with the video. You have to consider what they had to work with, though. Those little clubs and venue’s do not have all THAT great of equipment to help out, either. The show in Nashville was absolutely amazing. It was everything I was hoping it would be, for a 5 year fan who had never seen their whole set, live. Josh’s vocals were spot on that night, and were not too loud or anything. The only complaint was how hot and crowded it was there, because there were SO many Trenchers….which is also a good thing. I am SO excited about their return trip to America this fall, with the release of Ever After over here. I am hoping they keep getting radio play and more fans, because this talented group seriously deserves all the recognition they get. They work hard, are incredibly talented in their own rights, and they are all great guys with hilarious personalities. I hope they get to have bigger venue’s, too, with better acoustics. Hopefully, you will have a better experience with the next show, but I am just surprised you did not think it amazing to begin with. To each their own. Nashville’s show was fabulous!!!!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the show, as I am a fan myself. The Boston show was my fifth time seeing them live, and I would give every other time a 4 out of 4, except this time. I did take into account the difference in budget for these shows, and that’s why I didn’t take off 0.5 for the audio quality on the video, but I did take it off for the general audio. Maybe the Nashville show had better volume levels, but this specific show is the loudest concert I have ever been to (out of 12.) My fiancé and co-owner of Film-social.com took it even worse than I did, as his ears were ringing for two days after. There is a possibility that we both just have very sensitive ears, but 3.5 out of 4 is still a show I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys concerts. Again, I’m glad you loved their show and I am proud of how far they have come, but this show wasn’t my personal favourite. You can’t win them all.

      Here is the link to my review of a previous show if you are interested to see the difference: http://film-social.com/2013/04/15/marianas-trench-rocks-home-town-11114/

      Thanks for reading!