On March 24th I attended the Vancouver showing of The Devil’s Carnival in theatres.  I went in with high expectations, as it was made by the same group of people who created my favourite movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera.  It wasn’t as good, but I don’t think another movie could ever be better than Repo! The Genetic Opera.  In any case, The Devil’s Carnival wasn’t a let-down, it was a masterpiece in and of itself.  The film has a short running time of 55 minutes, which is okay since it is a segment of a bigger picture; this movie is episode one as episodes two and three are currently in production.


The movie centres around three characters who are brought to hell to face their sins, and the trial and tribulations they come across while there, including facing Lucifer (Terrance Zdunich).  One of the characters, John (Sean Patrick Flanery), wanders hell looking for his son after cutting his wrists and neglecting his responsibilities.  Another character, Tamara (Jessica Lowndes), suffers from continuously falling for her pathological liar of a boyfriend’s excuses surrounding his fidelity. Finally, Ms. Merrywood (Briana Evigan), who steals every piece of jewellery she lays her eyes on.  Tamara is the movie’s biggest problem, because I can’t even begin to process why she – and not her filthy, scummy boyfriend – is the one sent to hell.  Even John and Ms. Merrywood are far too easy to sympathise with.  There must be people way more deserving of being sent to hell than these three.




The other problem I had was that The Devil’s Carnival wasn’t continuous with the singing like Repo! The Genetic Opera – and I personally love the ongoing singing.  One of the most appealing factors about Repo! The Genetic Opera was the way it was made to be like a song throughout the entire movie, with very sparse speaking lines, whereas The Devil’s Carnival has its songs spaced out amongst many more talking lines.  The music of The Devil’s Carnival wasn’t as magical as the music of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but it is still made up of quality tracks.  The writing just didn’t seem quite as top-notch as this talented crew could conceive, and the story seemed a little weaker than I expected.  However, this movie is very subjective; my cousin actually preferred The Devil’s Carnival to Repo! The Genetic Opera.  It is in no way a bad movie though and I wouldn’t expect to hear anything less than rave reviews from anyone who enjoys artsy movies.


Despite my nit-picking, The Devil’s Carnival is still worth a watch and a buy.  If you like strange (in a good way) movies, then this will be right up your ally.  I am definitely going to be watching and purchasing the next episodes.  I really liked the movie a lot – it wasn’t perfect, but it was amazing.


Buy it. 80. – Film-social.com