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 Iron Man 3 stole the show this weekend with an astonishing $175.3 million opening at the Box Office, making it the second-biggest opening of all time behind The Avenger’s three-day $207 million. General audiences gave the film an “A” cinemascore, which could mean the film won’t fall flat next weekend with a huge decline. Comparable movies dip over 60% the following weekend, so this one could hold up well. The film has already made over $600 million total.

In second place Pain and Gain tumbled to $7.6 million. The film has so far accumulated a weak $33.6 million, which is nothing compared to director Michael Bay’s Transformers outings.

1. Iron Man 3 – $175,300,000

2. Pain and Gain – $7,600,000

3. 42 – $6,210,000

4. Oblivion – $5,797,000

5. The Croods – $4,225,000