After a four year wait, the world’s best-selling soprano is back with her eleventh studio album, Dreamchaser.  Sarah Brightman’s new album starts off with the opera masterpiece and first single of the album, Angel.  It is so artistically created and was surely a perfect choice for both album opener and first single.  The next track, One Day Like This, is the second single.  It is more of a modern opera track but it is still beautiful.  It turns into a booming, powerful song towards the end, and is my favourite from the record.  Brightman’s cover of Sigur Rós’ song Glosoli is another track that needs highlighting.  It is fantastic and finishes masterfully.  Sigur Rós showed their appreciation for the cover by tweeting Brightman a “:)” after she tweeted the link to the song.  In the following track, Lento e Largo from Symphony No. 3, OP.36 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), Brightman returns to her classical opera roots, hitting such high notes and displaying her talented vocal range.  In B 612, Brightman sounds exactly how I would imagine an angel to sound.  The song is very soothing.   Breathe Me is another favourite of mine.  It is more of a modern track, but it is so lovely, I absolutely adore it.  Fans of Brightman will notice track seven, Ave Maria, has been done by her several times before, but this version is much different to her prior renditions.  The backing vocals go along very well with her own in the song.  Eperdu and A Song of India are classical-style opera songs that both show off Brightman’s strong voice and ability to hit the high notes.  Venus and Mars is a modern-style opera song which represents the album’s space theme well.  The final track, Closer, has a great introduction, and is different from most Brightman songs.  This song almost sounds like it could be a hit on a mainstream music radio station.




The DVD in the extended edition brings some extra surprises.  Sarah’s Monologue, which was featured on her website, was nice to be included.  The monologue is a perfect representation of the album as a whole and of who Brightman is as a person at this point in her life.  The Angel Video was a good thing to be included, as music videos coming with the purchase of a CD are always a treat.  The Star City, Russia Space Sizzle Reel is a mini documentary.  Brightman talked of how she has wanted to visit space since she was eight-years-old.  Text in the feature said, “On board the Soyuz Rocket, Sarah will launch into space, orbiting the earth for ten days on the International Space Station.  She is now a cosmonaut in training.”  This is exciting news for an artist to share with fans.  The Photo Gallery is a welcomed feature, too.  Not only is Brightman probably the best voice on earth, but she is also a stunning beauty.  The photos on this DVD display her radiant, elegant beauty.  The final features are two bonus tracks, 7th Heaven and So Long Ago So Clear.  They are both more modern sounding, and the first is a catchy song.  Bonus tracks, another thumbs up for the good call to put these on the DVD.




It is truly an opera masterpiece, composed of classical opera tracks and modern opera tracks.  The tracks Angel, Lento e Largo from Symphony No.3, OP.36 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), B 612, Ave Maria, Eperdu, and A Song of India are the classical opera songs on the album.  One Day Like This, Glosoli, Breathe Me, Venus and Mars, Closer, 7th Heaven, and So Long Ago So Clear are the modern opera tracks.

The content of Brightman’s new album was inspired by the spacecraft Dream Chaser, which will be used to bring crew and cargo to the International Space Station.  Brightman has already paid the $40 million for her 2016 trip to outer space.  How exciting that must be for her, I cannot even imagine.

There is a reason Brightman is the world’s top-selling soprano.  She is a talent unlike any the world has ever seen.  If you have not heard Brightman’s singing before, Dreamchaser is an excellent chance to start your listening to her.  She has only grown as an artist since her start in the industry in the eighties.  I strongly recommend buying the entire extended CD, but if you are skeptical about whether or not you should get into Brightman’s music, definitely buy Angel, One Day Like This, Glosoli, Breathe Me, Closer, and 7th Heaven.

Buy it.  5 out of 5.