The indie scene in New York is particularly huge when it comes to movies. Especially when most are shot on a DSLR with minimal cast and crew and The Pill is one of those movies. I love the feel of the film, too. It’s wonderful, it’s life, it’s New York, but many problems arise the more attention you pay to it.

Fred (Noah Bean) has a one night stand with a free-spirited and possibly crazy Mindy (Rachel Boston). They go to her place, they’re drunk, they have sex. Sounds simple enough, but the fact that they’re intoxicated doesn’t bode well for Fred who struggles putting on a condom. When he finally gets it on, he realizes Mindy is asleep and does nothing. He takes off the condom and catches some shuteye before Mindy wakes up and gets on top of him. Now she rides him bareback and they both know what they’re doing. They’re both awake, but Fred happens to assume she’s on the pill. When they wake up the next morning Mindy reveals that it’s against her religion to take pills which worries Fred, because she refuses to take a morning after pill. She “knows” her body and “knows” she’s not ovulating, but doesn’t seem to remember when her last period ended exactly. She’s a pathological liar and the red flags are being waved right in front of him, but Fred can’t get the hints.




He’s a stupid guy trying to blow a load and now has to face the consequences! He follows her around the entire day for assurance and to make sure she takes both pills. Did I mention he has a girlfriend who has been on a business trip during his entire cheating fiasco? Also, he has to pick her up from JFK airport in only a few hours. What a fucking scumbag.

I’ve never been so angry at a film. It completely justifies this guy’s cheating because he feels like his girlfriend (who he lives with) doesn’t really love him. How idiotic can you be? After he realizes his “mistake” he goes home and interacts with his girlfriend, then goes BACK to Mindy’s for dinner and more sex… Holy shit. What the hell is this guy thinking? Then when he leaves his girlfriend for some woman he just met the night before, she tells him she slept with a rich business man who lives in Rye and she was planning on going out on a date with him. No matter what, infidelity is wrong on both sides. It’s called communication and if Noah decides it’s OK to cheat because he’s been unhappy for a couple of weeks, he has a lot of growing up to do.




The score is practically muzak and it’s all a forgettable blur. It’s shot very nicely and J.C. Khoury did a fine job directing. I also didn’t think Rachel Boston would be as charming as the trailer led me to believe. Noah Bean makes for a great leading man, but did nobody ever stop to ask J.C. whether or not he felt the script was right? The dialogue was witty, but the cast did what they could with the terrifying source material. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to like a film that justifies infidelity and then gives the cheater and whore a happy ending, but even if I was, I wouldn’t want to. This movie just gave me morning sickness from beginning to end. If you like good movies, this one isn’t for you. I felt used and it makes me regret exploring. Don’t watch this.

1.5 out of 4 –