I decided to watch Regular Show on a whim. Not exactly, but after numerous recommendations from the same individual, I caved and decided “what the heck. Can’t be too bad.” Boy was I right. The show revolves around a blue jay and a raccoon named Mordecai and Rigby, respectively. They’re 23-year-olds with a child-like sense of wonder and work as groundskeepers alongside a gum ball machine type guy named Benson.


They also seem to live in a world where anything can happen and it’s all of no consequence. Mordecai and Rigby make a hole in the wall of their room as the wrestle with a doll. After realizing what they’ve done, must find a way to make enough money to pay someone else to fix the wall for them or face the consequence of possibly losing their jobs. Rigby pulls out a magic keyboard which they decide to call The Power, the name of Rigby’s future dream girlfriend and harness that power to send things to the moon.

After accidentally sending their yeti friend Skips to the moon, they must all travel out there to get him back. Even though the episode is only about 11 minutes, quite a lot happens and the ending leaves you craving for more, which is never a bad thing. For a guy who doesn’t watch animated programs, this was definitely hilarious and got quite a few laughs from me. It was also very well made even though it has an eccentric form of animation. The show was created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network, but I wonder whether or not the program was explicitly made for children as a few of the jokes were quite sophisticated and something that would pass through the heads of its twee demographic.

Its first episode is definitely funny and there’s a reason why it’s the talk of the town.

Regular Show airs on Cartoon Network on weekdays with a one-hour block starting at 6pm EST. Catch the first and second seasons on Blu-ray.

3.5 out of 4 – Film-social.com